• Diploma in Sports Nutrition: Foods, Nutrition and Wellness Studies
  • Weighlifting Coach at Escuela Nacional de Entrenadores (Buenos Aires)
  • Attended the Escuela Argentina de Coaches (Buenos Aires)
  • General Physical Preparation (GPD) – Health and Physical Fitness.

Training Philosophy

Meet Belu, a former Argentinian CrossFit athlete who competed at the CrossFit Sanctionals in Wollongong in 2019. After owning her own CrossFit gym in Buenos Aires and excelling as a group coach and personal trainer, Belu made a pivotal decision to stop competing in 2020 to embrace a balanced lifestyle that extends beyond the gym.

Today, she thrives on a diverse range of activities, including running, kitesurfing, and more, all while maintaining a commitment to a healthy and active life. Belu is passionate about sharing her wealth of fitness knowledge and experience to inspire others to become the best versions of themselves.