Diet: nutrition is the fuel for fitness and health

Metabolic Conditioning: Conditioning of the energy systems of human body, aerobic, lactic acid and phosphocreatine

Dynamic Body Weight Movement: creates functional body control and improves range of motion, balance and agility.

Strength and Power based Lifting/Throwing: creates ability to exert control over external objects and develops power/strength ratios

Outdoor Pursuits/Sports: application and exposure to competitive elements refines specific skills and allows exposure to randomised and unpredictable events of the greater world.

Aspects of Fitness

The CrossFit Method seeks to condition the key aspects of all round Fitness.
Including improving efficiency and increasing work capacity of:

  • The interlinked Cardio Vascular Aerobic and Anaerobic Systems
  • Relative Strength
  • Power to Body weight Ratio
  • Flexibility and Range of Joint Mobility
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Balance

These Aspects together form the basis of efficient and effective human movement the training of which should be included in any focused Fitness routine. This is achieved by Cross Training the skills of multiple modalities, which have functional movement at their core.
Through this individuals develop a high level of competency at the above aspects of fitness, developing a core strength and conditioning that can be applied to any specific performance sets with minimal refinement.

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