Membership & Fees

Visiting CrossFitters 1 Week Casual Membership Full-time Student Membership Personal Training
$30 $65 $58 $48 $55
per session one week only per week per week 30 min, $100 1 hour
unlimited sessions/access - - -
general conditioning sessions (WOD)
olympic lifting sessions (OLY WOD) - -
olympic lifting technique sessions (OLY TECH) - -
specialty sessions - -
endurance sessions (E WOD) - -
beyond the whiteboard workout log book - - -
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All memberships are via direct debit, deducted on a fortnightly basis. Hold periods are available.
Cancellation policy of 2 weeks notice. Flexible memberships available for shift workers.

Student membership rates are only valid if student ID can be shown.


We also cater to those who want to increase their knowledge & skill with Kettlebell, Barbell and Olympic Lifting sessions. Find out more