Solutions for Movement

Physio is available at CrossFit Sydney Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Fridays.

Private health care rebates available. Receipts will be emailed to you to claim a rebate.


Physio Strength and Conditioning is a system that integrates:

  • Physiotherapy assessment using the Connect Therapy model, a whole body approach, for prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries
  • Exercise rehabilitation using isolation and compound whole body movements with a focus on learning efficient movement patterns for life
  • Exercise progression using effective strength and conditioning, giving you the freedom to explore new movement opportunities, sporting and outdoor pursuits

Liz uses the Connect Therapy model to provide musculoskeletal assessment and treatment for a range of musculoskeletal injuries including:

  • Cervicogenic headaches & neck injuries (e.g. whip lash, disc injuries, nerve injuries)
  • Thoracic pain (including thoracic ring and rib dysfunction, scoliosis correction)
  • back & pelvic pain (e.g. sacroiliac joint dysfunction, coccydynia, facet pain, disc injuries)
  • Upper & lower limb musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction (including muscle, tendon, ligament & joint injuries, referred pain)
  • Lumbopelvic, hip and thoracic instability
  • Postural education
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation