Stands for Work Out of the Day. This is the main focus of the session. It is set out in a task completion format.

As RX’d

As prescribed. Abbreviation to indicate you performed the WOD at the required loads and distances as prescribed by HQ.

Named Workouts

Are part of the jargon of CrossFit training.

CrossFit is a world wide community with many people linked through the WOD whether variations or HQs. Bench Mark WOs are given names so that just uttering that name will give people an understanding of what’s involved and may even evoke feeling from previous WO experience.

CrossFitters develop a love/hate relationship with some WOs. Women’s names (“The Girls”) are used often for Bench mark WOs, probably for the same reason they are used to name hurricanes which gives you a hint to their intensity. Male names are used as a mark of respect of fallen service men. So get with the jargon and enjoy doing a Girl or trashing a Guy next time your in the gym

Benchmark workouts

WODs that are considered ideal examples of CrossFit Training. Often see as performance based indicators of progression.

For Time

Is a reference to recording the overall duration of the WOD. “For Time” generally infers to complete the WOD in best form and technique at relatively high intensity as quick as possible. In short you are racing the clock.

For Rounds

Another method of scoring the WOD via counting the accumulated amount of completed Rounds within a set time. 1 Rds will be designated as a series of reps, loads and movements that must be completed as many times as possible within a set period of time.


Met Con

Met Con stands for Metabolic Conditioning, or to modify through training the energy systems of the body. A phrase coined by CrossFit to relate to demanding Work Outs that utilise mixed modality in a task completion format. Individuals learn to love to hate Met Cons.


M.E. stands for Maximal Effort. Referring to WODs that require maximal effort in lifting as heavy as capable loads for low rep protocols.


Getting “Owned” by a WOD is a reference to the need to have a little rest in the prone position on completion of a WO. Individuals are encouraged to adopt the Owned position (lying prone on the ground) in order to recover in the fastest possible manner. Once you experience the WODs, little encouragement is needed as getting owned represents the end of the WOD.


The intensity involved with CrossFit WODs means sometimes individuals experience overheating and a gag reflex. This is commonly coined as “meeting Mr. Pukie” or “Kissing the Clown”. This is not encouraged just an unexpected side effect when individuals give it their all. This became a running joke until CF HQ brought out the Pukie Mascot which is a clown experiencing the full effect of the gag reflex.

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