What is CrossFit?

In Short CrossFit is a fitness training system that consists of functional movements combined into high intensity, varied workouts.

CrossFit is great for developing board fundamental base of fitness. It work your weaknesses and exposures you to movement patterns that are beneficial for prevention of injury and improving performance.

CrossFit is ideal conditioning for outdoor sports enthusiasts, people who thrive on challenge and enjoy learning new skills. CrossFit can be used as a stand-alone program or it can serve as the base core and conditioning program for sports or job specific training. CrossFit is infinitely changeable to suit the needs of participants. 


What facilities do you have?

Change rooms, toilets and showers


How can I pay?

CrossFit Sydney accepts cash, cheques, EFTPOS, MasterCard and Visa. You can also organise EFT


Do you have any joining fees?

No contracts, no joining fees.
Membership is Monthly half monthly or casual to give you the maximin amount of flexiblity.


I want to lose fat and sculpt my body will CrossFit do that for me?

You may have noticed the lack of statements like “lose fat fast”, and references to body sculpting and bodybuilding. That’s because here at CrossFit Sydney (CFS) we focus on improving functional health and fitness through performance based strength and conditioning protocols. CFS will make you perform better in many aspects of your life; we are not concerned about the number on the scale but improving your strength and vitality. It just so happens that improving individuals strength and conditioning along with nutritional guidance usually does result in decreased fat % and increased lean muscle mass but its what you do with this new lean mean body that concerns us.


What is a functional exercise?

Function: the work a thing is designed to do.

Exercise: perform, practise with intent to modify condition of.

A functional exercise is either:

1. An exercise that closely replicates something you might do outside the gym, for example lifting a heavy box is analogous to dead lifting.

2. An exercise that develops an attribute that will assist you to complete tasks outside the gym, for example heavy squatting to develop leg strength.

Functional exercise is NOT balancing on a wobble board while pressing a tiny weight overhead.


I’ve heard that CrossFit is only for very fit people and I want to do some training before I come along to a class?

CrossFit is elite fitness training for every body. CrossFit is for all people regardless of age and fitness level. CFS Coaches aim to improve every bodies fitness level by correct progressive instruct and incremental increases in intensity scaled to the individual.

A key principle of CrossFit is to scale workouts to suit the level of the participants. We do recommend that you take advantage of our free consultation and Fundamental 3 Package so that we can help you make the most out of your training. CrossFit is for people who WANT to become very fit! We understand that you’ve got to start somewhere, but if you like learning new skills and facing challenging protocols regardless of your current fitness level then we urge you to give CrossFit a go!