Work Out of the Day (WOD)

Our unique, all inclusive General Strength and Conditioning Program designed in a Micro Cycle within each week. Over each Month you will have cycled through a large array of base cardiovascular  bodyweight and strength and power movements.

Olympic Weight Lifting 

Group and Individualised Programming in technique of Olympic Weight Lifting and strength and power movement that relate and assist in developing explosive movement patterns with external load.

Hand Balance

Creating, correcting and cueing in the art of getting upside down and the development of spatial awareness and stability in the Hand Stand.

Kettlebell Sport

Technique of the Russian Sport of Girevoy and associated strength and conditioning.

Bar and Rings Straight and Bent Arm Strength

Bodyweight strength and tension off Rings and Bars.

Mobility Flexibility Locomotion Development

Methods of developing a greater range of motion and control in dynamic and static positions.

Individualised Programming

Programming for all of the above from the general S&C to sport-specific goals. We can develop and prepare you for any physical challenge you seek.

Physiotherapy – Physio Strength and Conditioning

Our Physiotherapy Department with solutions for solving movement issues.

Personal Coaching and Programming

One to One Coaching on any and all of the above.