“I have always heard really good things about CrossFit but was put off by my previous experience at a crossfit gym so was very surprised to find that my experience at CrossFit Sydney was the complete opposite. I was immediately put at ease at my first session (I was pretty nervous from not training in the last 3 years or so) and thereafter, the trainers knew my situation and tailored the work outs to my ability. The sessions were varied and available throughout the day mostly at 30 minute intervals which meant classes were not full meaning individual attention from the trainer throughout the whole workout.


I would most definitely recommend CrossFit Sydney as a way to train, build up cardio and strength and have access to trainers who know what they are doing who are willing to help you achieve your goals and also make the workouts enjoyable.”

— Lena

“I started with Sydney CrossFit in Jan 2014 having no background in CrossFit I was very nervous about joining the gym. After my first sessionI knew that my only regret was not doing it earlier. The trainers, programming and  sessions are run with complete precision. The programming includes strength, mobility, metcon, core and stretching which you would not see at any other Sydney facility. After some strong gains in all areas at no additional cost, I had specific programs for lifting that saw my Olympic lifts double in 12 months.
If you are a newbie to crossfit or seasoned campaigner my advice would be, just do it and let the team from Sydney CrossFiit help you achieve your goals.”

— Jeremy

“CrossFit Sydney is awesome! Everyone is super friendly, the WOD’s are always different and I constantly notice the improvements in my strength and fitness. The trainers are excellent and always help to push and motivate you while at the same time putting in the extra time and attention to perfect your technique. Definitely highly recommend CrossFit Sydney!

I’m sure I’ll be joining again later this year!”

— Angie

“Thanks for Training me for the MTBXC Race. Thanks for the bike work – survived the weekend in good shape.  Did 7.43 for 110 km which is close to my times from a few years ago (that followed an easier route) but did so without having to train for 6 months before hand, or smashing myself or crashing from fatigue… and after pouring concrete the morning before! Felt strong throughout. I appreciate your skill and focus, thank you.”

— Doug

“First time doing CrossFit and absolutely loved it. Andy has a great team and the knowledge they have makes each workout challenging to people of all fitness levels. Deff would recommend this gym!”

— Paddy

“I cannot speak highly enough of this box. CrossFit Sydney is not just a box with kickass workouts that will seriously get you in the best shape of your life, but a tight-knit community. A variety of age and fitness levels attend the classes, so there are never any feelings of embarrassment because of your ability or inability to do something. Everyone – members and coaches – is welcoming, motivating and laidback. The trainers are also extremely knowledgeable and very mindful of correct weight-lifting technique. They breakdown the movements into simple steps in order to develop proper form and avoid injury. Whether you are new to CrossFit or an experienced CrossFitter, you’d love this place and fit right in.”

— Kat

 “CrossFit Sydney is a great Box with excellent trainers who manage superb WOD’s – couldn’t recommend them more highly!”

— Rich


“I really enjoyed CrossFit Sydney and got a lot out of their sessions. I’d highly recommend anyone looking to get into CF try CrossFit Sydney. I attended the 5:30am classes and found the trainer Scott Stefl really knowledgeable and passionate, helping with technique. It’s a large warehouse so there’s plenty of space and the sessions are never too crowded, which allows more focus.”

— James

“I started my squatting programme today and videoed the last set to see how low I was getting. It felt pretty low but I am now below horizontal. This is phenomenal. A combination of your training and Liz’s hellish stretching sessions are doing the trick.

I am amazed that this has happened. When I was in my 20’s I had no flexibility and no idea how to squat. You two have changed everything and I wanted to say thanks very much for changing not only my physical abilities but also how I view training and especially stretching and the preparation. Incredible!!

Crossfit is the best training environment I have ever been involved with.

Good luck with your races and enjoy the rest of the trip. See you soon!”

— MattO

“As a beginner, I was nervous about starting at a Crossfit gym but from my first session the supportive and skilled trainers have made me really enjoy working out here. The variety in the WOD’s and the focus on technique has been great for me learning how to develop my fitness. I definitely would recommend checking out Sydney Crossfit – you won’t want to leave.”

— Robyn

 “CrossFit Sydney has completely changed the way I look at fitness and health. I learned more about my body in the first three months than I did in 30 years of competitive exercise. Strength, power, flexibility, cardio, coordination – everything improved. Everyday movements became easier – the true benchmark of functional fitness. Six month ago I was diagnosed with stress-related chronic fatigue, but Andrew’s individualised workout program helped to bring me back from a bad place. I’m about to start a new life in Spain, but I’d like to thank Andrew, Scott, Rhianne and all the past trainers for their great work. You guys rock.”

— Vince

“If you’re thinking about joining a Crossfit crew in Sydney this is THE place! Great atmosphere, very qualified instructors and and a wide range of fitness gear to ‘play’ with. You won’t get bored at Crossfit Sydney!

Ragazzi italiani a Sydney appassionati di Crossfit, questo è il posto giusto per voi!”

— Alice

“CrossFit Sydney provides a variety of training methods & routines, making it interesting and beneficial alongside my CrossFit training, I was getting prepared for the Triathlon season. Andy and the coaches were able to maximise my time spent at the gym by providing additional programs and tips to prepare for this specific sport. I progressed from a Sprint Triathlon to a Half Ironman within 8 months.

Furthermore, the physiotherapy services provided at CrossFit Sydney helped me overcome injuries and maintain good control of my body.

Thanks to all the coaches & staff at CrossFit Sydney – I would highly recommend CrossFit Sydney for anyone wanting to improve their overall fitness or any sport-specific athletes.”

— Alex

“Training at Crossfit Sydney helped me to be fitter, healthier, and mentally stronger great coaches and members make training a pleasure rather than a chore. Crossfit programming maximises progress for people with busy lifestyles. Thoroughly recommend Andrew and his dedicated team.”

— Dave

“I’ve been at CrossFit Sydney for 12 months now…”] …and have loved every second of it. I have played competitive sports all my life and generally been quite active, but the training at CrossFit Sydney has helped me gain strength and a level of fitness I never thought possible. I not only feel stronger, but also have more energy. I have also found the movements learned at CrossFit have transferred to other sports like football and running.

What makes CrossFit Sydney special is not the facilities, but the people. Andrew and his trainers are amazing – their attentiveness, ability to motivate and depth of knowledge in terms of movement, exercise, physiology and nutrition are second-to-none. I will definitely be back in the future.”

— Ben

“I just want to take this opportunity also to thank you for all your time and effort you have put into my training. I am certainly an improved person and athlete because of your programming. I have learned so much each day I was in there and greatly appreciate it all! I am very sorry to be leaving CFS as I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it from the minute I walk in the door to the minute I leave.

You have created a great team and environment for people to train in and I hope it continues to be a great success for you in the future. Having been a member when you were in Ultimo to where you are now and where you will be in the future gives me great pride to be a part of it all! I will continue to recommend it to friends and anymore Irish coming in off the “boats” and will drop in from time to time to smash up a WOD! Plus I’ll try get Derv back into it too!! Thank you again and I wish you continued success in the future.”

— Brian

“CrossFit Sydney was just what I needed to take my training away from repetitive gym movements focussing on shape to fun all over body workouts focusing on fitness. The staff were very friendly and really helpful. I would recommend them to anyone.”

— Ben

“Although I discovered CFS too late in my semester as an exchange student in Sydney, and I’m en route home to California now, I couldn’t be happier that I was able to spend my last month or so training here. Thanks CFS for the constantly awesome training and coaches! You guys are awesome.”

— Julie

“I want to thank you for all your help I’ve never been fitter or stronger. Crossfit workouts are more interesting, challenging and motivating than anything else I’ve ever done. I wish I’d found you and Crossfit Sydney years ago. I’ll never go back a traditional gym. All the specialised strength work you’ve developed for me even has me running for the first time in years. Andy you’re a legend and also always good for a laugh. Thanks.”

— Kate

“I ran my first marathon on Sunday and it’s all thanks to Andrew Cattermole. I joined Crossfit Sydney 2.5 years ago with very restricted mobility and a lot of pain from a back injury. Every medical pratitioner told me not to run. Andrew told me to get stronger.

So we worked on strength, mobility, flexibility and general fitness. We started running about 18 months ago. I didn’t know that I wanted to do a marathon, and I certainly didn’t think it was something I could do.  I followed Andrew’s advice blindly, and have now achieved what I never dreamed was possible…….I am a marathoner. 6 hours and 7 minutes of running on the most beautiful trails you have ever seen, in the same race as world classs runners. Two days later, I have no pain. Not in my back and not even sore legs or glutes! I guess he knows what he’s talking about.

So thanks Andrew……..what’s next?”

— Alex

“Without question Crossfit is the best exercise philosophy I have partaken in.  I have been doing it for over 4 years now – that alone says a lot compared to the stop start nature of very other single exercise regime i have ever undertaken. And Andrew and the guys and girls at CFS know their stuff. They have the time, the classes, the coaches, equipment and accumulated knowledge for any high-end goal, or just general health and well being ideal you plan to live by. But i warn you, they make it addictive.”

— Carl

“I loved every session of the training for the past few months, its hard work but really worth it and everyone is so friendly and helpful and I would definitely recommend to my friends.”

— Shirley

“CrossFit Sydney’s facility has everything you want in a box — the staff are well trained, there is as much equipment as you need and Andrew’s technical coaching of the Olympic movements second to none.”

— Drew

“As a busy executive I have always found it challenging to make time for more than one form of fitness training. Crossfit Sydney was a revelation for me: a single hour-long workout to address cardio, strength, flexibility, etc. I feel more generally fit than I have in a long time, I have lost 8kg of fat, and I am writing this while wearing a suit I have not fitted into in 5 years. Do yourself a favour – give it a try.”

— Alan


“I have greatly enjoyed training at the facility and benefited from the experience and knowledge of both yourself and the trainers. The culture and facility are excellent, and I will continue to be an advocate of both the Crossfit methodology and the venue.”

— David

“Even though my membership has been brief Training and joining CFS has really been a personal highlight for me this year! It has challenged me in many ways that I have thoroughly enjoyed and really made me think about setting new targets around fitness and personal goals.

I’m really looking forward to continuing my training with CFS, improving in all aspects and getting to know the other guys a bit better as well as I know there is a lot of knowledge in that box!

Finally to you, Joe and all the other instructors, a big thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and pushing us week in week out, because I know, I wouldn’t have achieved what I have, if it wasn’t for you all. Much appreciated.”

— Jim

“Fat, forty and fu*%ed! Started training at CrossFit Sydney a year ago and must honestly say that I never expected the results that I have achieved in all areas of my health. CrossFit Sydneys emphasis on cardio, strength, mobility, and core strength have changed the way I approach my fitness.

Andrew and his crew are great, and their knowledge of training and rehab methods are second to none. They have created a friendly and fun environment where everyone is welcome and encouraged to achieve their personal best.

My advice to anyone thinking of joining is don’t be daunted by CrossFits reputation. Just give it a go and you’ll never look back! And I almost forgot, leave your ego at the door!”

— Leo

“I’ve been doing Crossfit for 12 months to date — 9 months with you at Crossfit Sydney and 3 months with Crossfit Kensington. To date, I’ve been very happy with everything; the atmosphere, the equipment & the people.

My goal was to make 4 Crossfit WODs per week and lift a 100kg clean & jerk. I’ve achieved both these goals and in the process put on 8kg’s of muscle and logged 110 workouts on beyond the whiteboard.”

— Scott

“I was extremely fortunate to be a member of CFS for 5 months whilst living temporarily in Sydney. Hailing from NY and having previous CrossFit experience, I was amazed at what a difference those few months had on my overall fitness and athletic ability.  My form improved markedly, I was lifting heavier weights, doing some WODs fully RX, and running faster than I ever have in my life.  I attribute all of this to the quality training Andrew, Oliver, Kat, Dan, et al offer. The physical space itself is also a great workout environment with some of the nicest people around (not a scintilla of ego). One thing I keep telling people about CFS, Andrew in particular, is in my home box I couldn’t get double unders.  I was told I just had to keep trying. Andrew looked at what I was doing, gave me three different instructions, told me to string them together and lo and behold, I was doing double unders! This literally took all of 2 minutes.  This example is not an isolated incident.

My biggest regret in leaving Australia is that I couldn’t take CFS with me.”

— Erika

“Sticking to the same program day-in day-out hasn’t ever been one of my strengths — I always have itchy feet. Six months into CrossFit Sydney and it still feels brand new — I haven’t done the same thing twice. Andrew and his team work hard to guide you through the WOD’s, offer advice, share their knowledge of correct form and encourage you to give more. If you don’t have a movement they work with you to perfect it, so you’re always left feeling a sense of achievement.

Working with Liz over the past month has increased my strength and understanding of correct technique ten-fold. Her understanding of common movements in CrossFit paired with her physio background have made the world of difference in an injury that has been present over the past 12 months. By prescribing a strengthening and stretching program the pain has completely dissipated and made a noticeable difference in my strength and flexibility. She is an absolutely invaluable resource at CrossFit Sydney. I can’t thank you guys enough for providing such an awesome place.”

— Erin

“I had been interested in CrossFit for a number of years before finally trying it. I spent a lot of time on the net, watching videos and clicking through the HQ site. Every time I felt ready to attend, I would convince myself that it was probably a little too intense for me (I was not fit, overweight and coming off a couple of knee injuries). I still kick myself to this day for delaying it so long, as what I expected and what I experienced could not be any different.

From the moment I walked in, I experienced a very welcoming and friendly team environment. Andrew, the team of coaches and the rest of the Crossfitters showed a great willingness to help me to get better. I got fitter and stronger in much quicker time than I had experienced before and from that first session, I haven’t stopped learning.

I recommend Crossfit Sydney, to anyone who wants to try Crossfit. Whatever your goals — this is the team to achieve them with.”

— Leon

“I was really keen to get into it when I joined CFS four months ago. As it turned out I had a lot of work to do to get the basics right such as unassisted pull ups or squats. With the support and encouragement of all the staff at CFS, in particular the pt sessions with Kat Dalecki, I feel that I improved tremendously in a short period of time. I’m really glad I got to train with Kat who is so professional, knowledgeable and friendly, and it’s also her gymnastics experience that really makes a difference in our sessions together. Not only am I the strongest I have ever been, I have also improved my body awareness and flexibility. I’m so excited to be constantly learning new skills and challenging myself. Andrew and his team really do provide highly personalized quality coaching that can take you beyond your limitations.”

— Maja

“After just two months at CrossFit Sydney I already feel stronger and healthier than I’ve ever felt before.  The staff are supportive and friendly, but know when you need to be challenged. CrossFitters are not preeners or meatheads – everyone is there to enjoy themselves and test their abilities.  I’ve always favoured running, but CF has helped me add muscle and shave minutes off my running times.  New workouts every day make things interesting and you soon learn your weaknesses and strengths. I’d recommend CF over any other form of exercise, and CF Sydney over any other box!”

— Keiran

“Love the gym mate I am fitter than I have ever been, the discipline around the WOD’s and the O-lifting is awesome, the best I have seen. People tell me they dont see as many injuries at his ‘box’ either. Also good selection of trainers.”

— Dan

“I’ve really enjoyed my time at CFS and am sad to go. CFS has a great atmosphere thanks to its trainers and members. They have a fantastic setup, great coaching, extra sessions aimed at flexibility, specialty sessions for more advanced CrossFit moves, more timetable options than you could ever need, are very welcoming and suitable for all experience levels. There is always plenty of coaches to help you with your form or a query and plenty of space. Every session includes a mobility warmup after the normal warmup and before the WOD which I really enjoy and find lacking at other affiliates. They use an excellent tool to track your workouts called BeyondTheWhiteboard and I’ve really enjoyed the progression I’ve experienced in 6 or so months I’ve been there.”

— Nik

“I really enjoy CrossFit Sydney it’s not so much that it’s good personal training.  But it is. And it’s not so much that it’s connected to the CrossFit movement. Which it is. Basically without sounding too wanky it’s a route from A to B with your body with people who really, really know what they’re doing.  Whatever your goal is — from look buff to learn O-lifting technique — they know what they’re doing.  But without being precious or snooty or elitist.

The gym is basically a mix of good natured people who want to do interesting things in sport and fitness.  There’s a nice vibe and if you want to push yourself there’s a lot of support but there’s no pressure. And Andy who runs it is much more about long term gains. I’ve been going for a year now and the changes have been immense.  And a lot of them fixed problems I didn’t know I had, like posture.

I’d recomend it for anyone who goes to the gym and likes to get a bit of a sweat on but finds the usual routine dull.”

— Ross Landles

“Coming to Australia from America I was a bit concerned that the CrossFit movement hadn’t reached the Southern Hemisphere. Though I had only been CrossFitting for a year, I really wanted to continue my training when I found out I would be studying abroad in Australia for two months. Having trained at a box in northern California as well as CrossFit Fenway in Boston, I only had positive experiences up until coming to Sydney. I did my research and looked at the different CrossFit options available in Sydney, and decided on CrossFit Sydney. I immediately loved the authenticity of the box, the time options, and most of all, the knowledgeable training. I thought that my strength might decrease while being abroad, but Andrew pushed me until I got my FIRST unassisted pull up! The workouts have been great and I feel like my mobility has increased so much that I can’t wait to go home and show my trainers how far I have come. If I am ever back in Sydney there is no doubt in my mind that I would return to CrossFit Sydney as well as recommend it to any CrossFitters visiting, or even non-CrossFitters! I was also fortunate enough to experience the NEW location which is a wonderful facility with lots of space, training options, and solid equipment. I will definitely miss CrossFit Sydney and thank you for how much you have helped me!”

— Amanda

“In the first few weeks at CFS I was quite nervous every movement was new and I was extremely unfit.  Andrew assured me that if I kept coming I’d see results and others predicted that in a short time I’d be hooked. They were right. I’ve always played team sports and would haphazardly go to the gym, but now it’s a situation of looking forward to each WOD. It’s a great way to start most days of the week and the buzz lasts for hours. I still find a lot of the work to be both a mental and physical challenge but I love every minute of it. It’s very rare for me to leave CSF without a huge smile. The trainers are excellent. They’re your mates and we have a laugh but they know their stuff. They know the capabilities, potential and goals of every CFS member and based on this they seriously push us. I love being around people who love crossfit and while I’m still an amateur, everyone supports eachother. Making the most of the whiteboard has also helped as it’s a great way to track improvements and interact with the other crossfitters. In terms of changes I’ve seen, I think the most important one has been with my confidence. I’ve also found that regularly overcoming the mental challenge of a difficult WOD has helped me generally with work and study pressures and it’s also a great of dealing with stress. I’ve become a lot stronger, a lot fitter, lost weight and toned up. My mates wish I’d shut up about CFS but I’m sure if they just came along they’d quickly realise why I don’t!”

— Mercedes


“What is CrossFit? Is it just another fad and more importantly is it right for me? These were just a few questions I asked myself before I started at CrossFit Sydney.

I started my first class at the CrossFit Sydney box (the word we use for ‘gym’) about nine months ago. I will admit that I was nervous about heading into the unknown. The only information I had was from media, friends and a recommendation from my sister who is a personal trainer and boot camp business owner. Since that nervous start, CrossFit has provided me, and many others, with a new type of lifestyle and community. Most days I leave the box with a feeling of pride and a sense of achievement as well as utter exhaustion from the intense workout.

Training at CrossFit Sydney is intense and the workouts WILL challenge you daily. The basic CrossFit model is focused around the work-out-of the day (WOD). The people you train alongside come from all walks of life. Don’t be surprised to be training with stay at home mums, personal trainers, members of the armed forces, athletes from a variety of sports and office workers.  CrossFit is suited to ALL types of people and the great thing is that every WOD is scalable to ALL levels of fitness, from the absolute beginner who has never been to a gym to elite athletes (who we like to refer to as Fire Breathers).

“Leave your ego at the door” is a popular saying within the community. Unlike many traditional gyms there is no sense of intimidation or judgement from fellow peers at CrossFit Sydney. You’re accepted as yourself and you’ll quickly feel a true sense of camaraderie.  Shouting words of encouragement (Merc!!!.. just 10 more reps to go) or lying on the floor at the end of a workout alongside the others, laughing together and thinking ‘wow, can’t believe we all made it’. When you achieve a personal accomplishment it becomes something truly special when shared with fellow CrossFitters.

I walked into CrossFit Sydney nudging 105Kg with a Judo & Japanese Jujitsu background as well as coming from a traditional globo gym. I thought I was fit (from my limited understanding of “fitness” meant) but was barely able to run around the block and I couldn’t even do a pull-up. I’m now around 90Kg , can run 10km, have dramatically improved my overall strength, agility, endurance, flexibility, have changed my body composition completely, can do a pull-up and often start the day with a quick 100 burpees!

I have recently entered a CrossFit competition held at another CrossFit box which will be my first of many. I’ll also be doing the City2Surf this year along with many other challenging events. Nine months ago I wouldn’t even have considered these things possible. I’ve leant that the ONLY limit you have is yourself. Think of facing a mental wall. Now think about learning how to TEAR it DOWN and CLIMB right over it. This is also another of the many benefits of CrossFit.

If you are truly ready for a change, if you want a better quality of life which will translate to every aspect of your life I personally challenge you to four week of training at CrossFit Sydney . Andrew Cattermole and the other trainers are exceptional at what they do. Their focus on technique is second to none. As a group, they are passionate, patient and are a wealth of fitness and nutritional knowledge. Don’t be surprised if you also make good friends, as I have met some amazing people. So, what are YOU waiting for? The only way to find out for certain is to take that step out of your comfort zone and give CrossFit Sydney a go. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?”

— Anthony Ung

“CrossFit has become a defining part of my life and who I am. Nothing is greater knowing that every day I will be challenged physically and mentally; to perform tasks and movements that I never thought I could possibly do 2 years ago. CrossFit has changed me and my life. Unlike the common, conventional approach to “fitness”, CrossFit is a lifestyle and a journey: Not a quick fix. After having been doing CrossFit for over a year, the workouts never get any easier, and still leave me on the floor gasping for air! You’re constantly being pushed into new grounds, making it stimulating, challenging, and for wont of a better word: addictive!

Andrew is an amazing coach and has been an instrumental part of my progress in CrossFit:As has the mighty (and very humble) Dan. From nutrition advice to specialized programs to achieve specific goals, there is a solid support base in the wonderful people that call CFS home. After competing in the sectional CrossFit games this year, I can say that I have a better understanding of where my weaknesses lie, and will dedicate the next year into making myself a more complete athlete. I am eternally grateful for the wonderful friends I have made and the joy of seeing other people’s progressions and transformations in CrossFit. I cannot recommend CFS enough!”

— Rocky Alan Dean-Shoji

“Over the past 2 years I have found CrossFit Sydney great, I have toned up, got fitter and have got the strength that I have wanted out of a fitness program. Thanks for Andrew for his patience and explaining the ins and outs of CrossFit, I have now found that I can do those weights, running and dreaded box jumps while working at my capability but with Andrew also pushing and challenging myself along at the same time. For me to stick at a gym program I would get bored very easily but with CrossFit Sydney I have never got bored and actually look forward to going to the sessions!”

— Carole

“CrossFit Sydney has blown me away in terms of changing my perception of fitness and how to achieve it. CrossFit is an extremely smart way to train — it challenges you mentally and physically, and there is such huge variety in the workouts — your body and your mind are always guessing. Andrew is an absolutely brilliant trainer and he works with great virtuousity, passion and patience. He has an amazing ability to pass on his knowledge and expertise, always giving you the tools you need to strive for more.

Every day is different and some days you walk in wondering how the hell you are going to make it through the WOD — but amazingly, you do. Each workout is a personal challenge and you always walk away feeling like you’ve grown — either having learnt something new (like how to do a Turkish Get Up) or pushed yourself to achieve more (like setting a new PR for a 5k run).  The results are phenomenaI — after having done Crossfit for just over a month, I did my first unassisted pull up today and I am thrilled! I am stronger and faster than I have been in my life and it actually feels like I am training less.

The Crossfit community feel is also something to behold — the atmosphere in the CFS gym is awesome and everybody is extremely encouraging of one another from beginners through to the super-human CrossFitters. If you are training 5 days a week and feel like your fitness has plateaued — try CFS and really shake things up!”



“Crossfit has changed the way I look at fitness and food for the rest of my life. At the risk of sounding like a TV commercial, I have to say that without excessive dieting and a crazy fitness regime, I lost nearly two dress sizes in about six months of crossfitting at CFS. Apart from the drop in the size of my clothes, I am now fitter than I have ever been in my 25 years on this earth! I used to ‘jog’ 8km in one hour but now I know I wasted my time when all I had to do was run for 20 minutes at my fastest pace and still lose weight. I didn’t skip any meals nor did I replace any meals with shakes and potions which most women tend to use when trying to drop a size or two — only to put a dress size back on due to unhealthy food choices or excessive diets which tend to be abandoned after a few weeks. CFS helped me make intelligent decisions about food and its relationship to the body. Food is fuel. Simple. Enough said.

The most exciting part about my Crossfit journey (actually, there are many exciting things but not enough time or space to list them all) is having a toned and fit body that isn’t scared when told to do 150 squats or 100 sit-ups! I’ll be trekking to Mt Everest Base Camp in March 2010 and I can’t wait to challenge my body and its new capabilities. The team at CFS are also amazing — Andrew, Dan and Liz are incredibly encouraging and not afraid to push you to your absolute best. Thanks guys and thanks also to the rest of the crossfitting machines who are also my personal cheer squad!!! Once you get your grrrr on at CFS — you will never go to a typical gym again!


“I came to CrossFit as an avid marathon runner and was quite dubious about Andrew’s “run less, but get faster” training. However, I let him convince me to train the CrossFit way for a gruelling, hilly marathon in Mongolia. I was amazed to cross the finish line and discover that I had come 2nd with a time of 6:37. The other female runners there stated that this marathon was roughly double their fastest road race time. My fastest road race is 4:08 which means I ran 1 hour and 39 minutes faster than I should have. I now actually believe Andrew and plan on using his training methods for the Busselton Ironman.”

— Dr. Heather A Scott

“I’d first heard about CrossFit at the Fitness Expo (Filex) in 2009 I Initially I thought it looked way too difficult to even try, and very much a male dominated sport which can be a little intimidating. Finally, my curiosity got the better of me, and a couple of months off training due to a stress fracture in my foot was the incentive I needed to get fit quick — I decided to call Andrew at CrossFit Sydney. Best decision ever.

Andrew is informative and encouraging but expects you to give 100%. The classes are set-up so you still get one-on-one coaching from Andrew or one of the team and go at your own pace, but having the other’s around you really makes you lift and push yourself to new limits. There’s a no bull-shit in the box. This is honesty the best way to train and each session I surprise myself at the improvements. (I even learnt how to ‘clean & jerk’). Andrew ensures everyone get’s a great workout, from beginner to advanced.

I’ve been with bombarded with injuries over the years from playing sport and I’d accepted the fact that I would never have full strength and movement back in my shoulders after 2 recon’s and 3 years of attempts at weights programs. I was wrong. I am the strongest and fittest I’ve been all thanks to CrossFit. There have been massive postural changes, my nutrition is back on track, my energy levels are through the roof, and I find I am sleeping better too. I have improved my running technique and enjoy running a much quicker pace! and that’s just after 2 months of solid CrossFit.

If you have a specific event or goal to work too, Andrew will see that you reach it with an expert background in all styles of training and the nutritional support to follow. As a fitness professional, I can honestly say this is the best way to train to increase strength, flexibility, cardio fitness, weight loss and gain and have a bit of fun doing it. Absolutely love it! CrossFit rocks.”

— Felicity

“Let me start by saying I LOVE CROSSFIT! I started training at CrossFit Sydney almost 3 months ago, in this short space of time I’ve noticed huge improvements in my endurance, strength and power. The things that have impressed me the most about CFS are the trainers’ dedication, encouragement and most of all knowledge, in every aspect of training; from running, olympic lifting, gymnastics, stretching to injury prevention. At 2 months and 19 days in, I got my first muscle-up… I have to put this down to Andrew’s exceptional coaching. Every single session is challenging physically and mentally, which I believe drives every individual to determination of achieving their personal records. Best of all is the environment at CFS; everyone respects and encourages everyone’s personal achievements.”

— Kat

“I discovered CrossFit through a friend, he suggested I try it as I was always complaining about the lack of results I had achieved at gyms and the time constraints I had to keep fit given my occupation. I was sold the idea of CrossFit based on achieving results as efficiently as possible, and I was certainly not disappointed.

CrossFit’s basic model is based around the Work-out-of-the-day (WOD). A WOD will give more results than most weights or aerobic gym routines, and are designed for beginners with very little fitness history, to uber-atheletes who are constantly looking for the next challenge. Personally I found CrossFit unique because it mostly utilises body weight and range of motion rather than overly-heavy load bearing exercises that can result in injury, and the time constraints for most workouts (usually around 20 minutes) mean that workouts are extremely intense, but allow the body for sufficient recuperation, which for me was a big problem that I was having with standard gym workouts.

Andrew’s knowledge base and attention to technique during training would be second to none, as he recognises that it’s not just about going as crazy you can for each WOD, or trying to lift the heaviest weight one can for days involving weights, but getting the most out of every single movement to make sure your body is being fully tested and therefore getting the most benefit. He also incorporates pre and post workout stretch routines, as not only does this assist with workouts, but is essential in preventing long-term injuries. Andrew also provides recommendations on diet and eating patterns to make sure the body is fully recovering after each workout.

After doing CrossFit for about 2-3 months and making some changes to my diet (which for me involved increasing fat consumption and cutting back on carbs), I noticed considerable improvement in strength, fitness level and general health, and I it certainly made me realise what a waste of time the gym, and even personal training at standard gyms, had been for me over the last 10 years. CrossFit’s approach to strength and fitness is far more holistic and the results were obvious. I will be moving from Sydney to HK, and will although they do not have an official CrossFit there (yet), I will be doing my best to maintain the WODs. It will be impossible to go back to doing standard gym training after doing CrossFit. Definitely a life changing experience!

— Nick

“Mine is the familiar story…”]…of having been a distance runner and gym junkee wannabe for years before completely revamping my notion of fitness since commencing at CrossFit Sydney. Any CrossFit gym can probably cause that epiphany though. What makes CFS unique is the dedication Andrew and his trainers show to individual members. Everything is scaled to suit every person in a completely supportive environment. Having not even completed 40 WODs yet, Andrew and the team’s excellent instruction has already led me to adopt a better and faster running technique, improve my max deadlift weight by 125%, post a Fight Gone Bad score that is up there with the leading women in the world and I’m well on my way to perfecting some of the gymnasitic movements like kipping pull ups and muscle ups.

What would I say to anyone considering coming to CrossFit Sydney? If you’re looking for expert advice on technique, excellent general physical conditioning, weight loss, strength or just want to be challenged, you’d be silly not to come along.”

— Linda

“Having discovered Crossfit in New York…”]…a little less than a year ago, I couldn’t imagine going back to the atmosphere and equipment (or lack thereof) found in a typical gym chain. Unfortunately, upon being relocated to Sydney for a quarter of the year I was worried that was my only option. Luckily I found Crossfit Sydney and after a jet-lagged “Fran”, I knew I found a home away from home.

Andrew runs a great box and is extremely knowledgeable about not only the Crossfit training protocol but health and nutrition in general. He fosters a supportive yet challenging atmosphere that helps make Crossfit such a unique community. While training with him and Dan, I saw improvements in my stamina and endurance and even reached a new PR on my back squat.

Not having an athletic background, Crossfit has done wonders for my general physical preparedness. The superior quality of instruction at Crossfit Sydney however has helped me get even more out of this amazing program. I look forward to my return to Sydney and returning to CFS’ classes.”

— Chris

“I had done very little research into CrossFit and my only exposure to it was from a colleague at the Globo I worked at and from watching a few videos on YouTube. It occurred to me as, “Elite athletes only, need apply.” I stayed away from CrossFit because it looked insanely, intense and way beyond my capabilities.

I met Andrew over a year ago and after a few conversations. And after watching a group session at Cook & Phillip, Andrew encouraged me to come down to the “new” box in Ultimo and try a W.O.D. I am embarrased to admit I had no idea what W.O.D meant.

After some meticulous instruction from Andrew, he proceeded to kick my butt in an abbreviated form of Cindy. I loved his coaching and style of training, so went back for more. He taught me the Hang Power Clean, transitional muscle up and air squat. Sounds a bit like “Nasty Girl” doesn’t it? Got my butt kicked again and have been hooked ever since. So much so that my wife calls herself a CrossFit widow. I was told all workouts can be scaled for the individual’s fitness level but I didn’t know what that meant until after my first two initial workouts with Andrew. He took into account my fitness level and my ability to perform the more complicated movements and made sure I kept the intensity up without compromising my wellbeing. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Andrew for his generosity, excellent coaching and for taking care of my fitness. I’m leaner, harder !-) and fitter.

Andrew provides a facility and trainers that are world class — Dan, you’re the man.”

— Oliver

“Andrew and his fellow trainers at CrossFit Sydney are knowledgeable, capable and enthusiastic. Before I came to CrossFit I spent over a year and a large amount in $$$ trying to overcome health issues. At CrossFit Sydney I met my health goals within 3 months. Now I’m setting new goals based on performance. I look forward to every session, both the progress and the pain has its rewards.”

— Stuart

“CrossFit is a whole of life approach. Whether your life involves intense training for a competitive sport or the daily grind of the office, CrossFit is able to provide one with tools to handle the variability of life. CrossFit’s holistic methodology can be beneficial physically, psychologically and nutritionally. From a physiological perspective, CrossFit provides strength, agility, stamina and speed of movement. Psychologically, CrossFit helps in capabilities of strategising and holding concentration in completion of exercises. Nutritionally, CrossFit can enable you to feel better, while also performing at an optimal level. The evidence of all this is the transformation of one’s body and mind.

Neither a ‘typical Personal Trainer’ nor the ‘Bodypump’ classes (and alike) compare to the CrossFit Sydney Team and the CrossFit workouts. Thus take this opportunity to utilise CrossFit and receives its vast benefits!”

— Ariella

“I just wanted to say thanks a thousand times over for all your support and encouragement over the last 6 months. I’ll never forget my first session with you — it was hard and painful but it was the start of the greatest thing I’ve ever done for me. Sometimes I’d walk into the CFS gym and feel nothing but fear (of the WOD!) but you were always there to encourage me and help me get through the WODs. I’ve learnt so much about myself and the human body that it’s mind boggling and I can’t stop talking about it with my friends — they really think I’m crazy.

Most importantly though, I can’t believe I’ve actually achieved my goals. I’m officially the size I’ve wanted to be for almost three years and I’m in shock to have achieved it. I wish I could shake all the people on those dreadmills who are walking or running (at a 6.8 speed) and tell them to follow the CrossFit method. It is simply the best way to stay in shape, get a new shape, or to challenge a shape!

My CrosFfit journey has been so exciting and I’m glad to have also met some interesting people friends whom I intend to keep in touch with particularly with: Liz, Dan, Mon, Scotty, Lance, Varun, Christina, Asha, Lynne, Craig, and even the mighty Sven! Every one of these people were personally involved in my success at one stage or another. Apart from your encouragements, I also want to thank these guys for pushing me and even acting as my personal cheer squad. I’m no longer afraid of exercise and I have no desire to stop. No matter where I am in the world — I will squat, sit-up, push-up or run (I wish I could do more pull-ups but that will have to wait for another time).

Once I’m back in Oz, I’ll definitely join CFS again. I can’t imagine a life without it! In the meantime, I’m taking my CFS T-shirt to Base Camp so I can take a photo and send it to you!”

— Rowena

“I am a 29 year personal trainer I have been involved in teaching physical exercise for around 9 years.  Over the years I’ve studied martial arts, bodybuilding, exercise programing for weight loss, and various ‘brands’ of functional training.

Before training with the Crossfit system my lean mass was 61kg, plus over 20% body fat.  At this weight my one repitition max bench press was 80kg, and my max deadlift was 140kg, after following fairly dedicated strength and hypertrophy programs for several years.

I learned about Crossfit from a fellow trainer.  After training purely with the crossfit system for just under a year I’m now at around a 67kg lean mass plus around 10% body fat.  My deadlift is now 150kg, and my bench is 85kg.  This is without a strength specific program, doing the standard workouts which can be found on the CrossFit website.  In addition to this I’ve experienced increases in my agility, cardio vascular fitness and core strength, and to this day I look forwards to every workout.

I’ve been training at CrossFit Sydney for the last 3 months, it is an excellent facility, great vibe and top quality staff.  It has all the quality and community feel of a CrossFit gym, plus a little ‘Rocky’ charm 😉

I have encountered no superior system with which to achieve such a broad spectrum of benefits, and CrossFit Sydney is the best place I’ve found to do it.”

— Joe

“CrossFit works and I will tell you why. Two years ago I had been swimming laps on a weekly basis and doing body pump and cycle 4 times a week. Apart from being extremely bored, I got to a certain level (which wasn’t very high) with my fitness and couldn’t seem to improve much beyond that, and I kept injuring my neck every so often after doing body pump. Since I started CrossFit I feel like my whole back has strengthened and is better aligned. I got the neck injury once when I initially started and it hasn’t come back since (now over six months). In fact I don’t get any back aches and pains at all now despite sitting at a desk all day.  I also recently visited a friend who used to easily beat me swimming a 1km and without having swum any laps in well over a year I was able to swim faster than her (and the others in the group) in an adult swim squad (and it was a great feeling so strong in the water!). I could go on and on with examples but just have to say I have never felt this strong and fit and I feel like this is just the beginning… (and BTW Andrew is a great coach too and always willing to help).”

— Georgina


“I recently competed in a 12 hour adventure race consisting of trail and river running, mountain biking and kayaking. I completed the course in 7 hours 15 minutes and in eleventh place. I was shocked mainly because I did not do any specific training for the event. I had not kayaked for over a year or ridden a bike for more than 30 minutes in goodness how long. The only training I have been doing was the CrossFit workouts at CrossFit Sydney. What blew me away the most was my recovery. I thought I would be sore for a couple of days but the next morning I felt great but not ready for another 12 hour race. The training at CrossFit Sydney is superb with excellent instruction and the motivational techniques to achieve what you think your body couldn’t. The esprit de corp, to beat the enemy that is the Workout of the Day (WOD), amongst the fellow gym goers is very encouraging. I would recommend this to my mortal enemy, you know who you are, so come on down. Thanks again Andrew and the crew at CrossFit Sydney.”

— Paul

“The first few sessions at CrossFit Sydney tore me apart — I had to ask myself what I had gotten myself into?? I mean I had never been whupped like that before! But after each session I found myself wanting more. Each session I learned something different- a new movement, a new lift or a new technique. It is skill based and therefore challenging but immensely rewarding for those who stick with it. I can now do pull ups, I am faster and leaner and I have a new found respect for weightlifting. I have found camaraderie amongst the other gym members that I wouldn’t have found in any other traditional gym set up. CrossFit also offers an abundance of resources and expertise to help all members reach their fitness goals. I won’t return to a traditional gym or a boxing class or a Bootcamp, CrossFit is number 1.”

— Stefan

“Doing Crossfit in the morning…”]…is the perfect antidote for a work life spent sitting in front of a computer in an office. Doing a short, high intensity workout outside in the fresh air each day keeps me physically and mentally ready to deal with work and life stress, and because it is all over and done with by 8am in the morning, I can fit it in regardless of how busy I am at work or how chaotic the rest of my life is. You only have a short time in your life to explore your physical potential, and CrossFit’s emphasis on continuously improving all the dimensions of fitness is the best way I’ve found to find out what my body can do. Also, working with a group makes it more fun and encourages me to push harder than I would if I was training by myself.”

— Anthony

“I used to do your standard gym-workouts. Three times a week with weights and cardio. My body shape hardly changed if ever and I never felt fit.

In the 3 months I have been at CrossFit some dramatic things have happened. The results speak for themselves:

  • I can do 100 chin-ups.
  • 4 weeks after I started training I ran the SMH Half-Marathon and finished in 2 hours
  • Without specific training I finished the City 2 Surf in 80 mins
  • I finished the 100km Oxfam Trailwalker. The focused and intense CrossFit trainings provided the stability and core strength for me to finish without injury.

I’m fitter than I ever was at school. Only now it’s more expensive buying smaller suits. I spend less time in the gym, am fitter and eat healthier. I tell my friends there are no fat people at my gym. Some start that way, but they don’t for long.”

— Tim (Former chubby Accountant)

“When I first started with CrossFit Sydney in April 2008 I thought I was pretty fit, but I was also really bored with my exercise routine. I was hooked from my first session and continue to enjoy the variety that each session offers. In the 6 months since starting CF I have maintained my bodyweight but have dropped about 4% body fat (that means I’ve gained some pure muscle) and have increased my pull ups and regularly post improved times on every WOD we do. I recently ran the Sydney Half Marathon and despite not having run more than 5km in the past 15 years (most recently ran 5km about a month before) I finished the race in about 2 hours — right in the middle of the pack. I took a rest day and was straight back into my CrossFit sessions. I’m full of energy and convinced that CrossFit works. It’s the most fun I’ve had exercising for a long time. Andrew’s knowledge is second to none and his expert advice and opinion is always valued.”

— Alix

“Crossfit has been the best work out program I have ever completed. Overall my speed, strength, and endurance have improved drastically. I can not recommend anything better if you are serious about getting into outstanding shape.”

— Daniel

“I’ve never felt better in my life. CrossFit is a mental and physical workout, where you are always in competition with yourself and others.  I found this competitive element helped me maintain focus and give the 110% you need to give to fully experience CrossFit. I’ve got to say that it is not just about feeling totally and utterly spent at the end of each session, but the skills you pick up in lifting and throwing and agility and balance, skills you need to improve in order to get the most out of CrossFit, keeps you mentally alert and interested.  Finally, the huge variety of workouts keeps you fresh and looking forward to what each new session may hold.  As I said, it works almost every muscle in the body, including the brain, and makes you more motivated and sharp for the whole day.

— Liam

“I would like to thank you for all your hard work in training Jessica and getting her ready for her new career in the Australian Defence Force, especially with getting her upper body strength where she needed it the most.

She is currently getting towards the end of her training and is passing with flying colours as a matter of fact she has been approached by her training officer to consider becoming a trainer for the navy which I believe she is considering doing as well as her job training.

Jessica is due to graduate on the 14th August  so I will send you pictures when she does.”

— Ana