At CrossFit Sydney we focus on Coached Group sessions to create a learning atmosphere for strength and conditioning formats.

CF Work Out of the Day (CF WOD)

Designed to strengthen weakness and maintain strengths. It will expose individuals to new movement patterns strength protocols and challenging conditioning circuits.

  • The daily general Conditioning Program will cover:
  • Beginner and Advanced Warm Up
  • Mobility Drills
  • Focused Work Out of the Day (WOD)
  • Core Work
  • Stretching and Soft Tissue work

The CF program is educational as much as it is fitness, you will be exposed to new movements and strength and conditioning protocols

As you adapt to the General Conditioning Program you may want to take your training further so we have areas for specific training as:

Olympic Lifting

Olympic Lifting WOD — designed to get you lifting and improving strength and power in relation to the sport of Olympic Lifting.

Olympic Lifting Technique Sessions — coached Olympic Lift sessions

Endurance Programing

Endurance WOD Sessions — Interval formats on the C2 Rower, Bike, Ski or Run designed to focus on getting better at going distance.

Saturday Specialty Focus Sessions

These sessions will change each Saturday to give a focus on the technical elements of each area.

  • Pose Running
  • Kettlebell Sport
  • Gymnastic Basics
  • Row Technique
  • Mobility Stretch Therapy
  • Program Sessions ( Open Sessions)